Anilox roller cleaning reliable flexo printing roller ultrasonic cleaning machine for hard chrome corrugated roller

1 set
$2,857.00(1 - 2 sets) $2,710.00(3 - 4 sets) $2,572.00(>=5 sets)
Anilox roller cleaning reliable flexo printing roller ultrasonic cleaning machine for hard chrome corrugated roller
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Machine Type: Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner
Applicable Industries: Advertising Company, Flexo Printing machine, Label printing industry
Showroom Location: None
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Marketing Type: 2021 updated equipment
Warranty of core components: 1 Year
Core Components: PLC, Engine, Gearbox, Motor, Gear, Pump
Condition: New
Place of Origin: Shaanxi
Nom de marque: HighYan
Fuel: Electric
Use: Cleaning
Cleaning Process: Solvent Cleaning
Cleaning Type: Ultrasonic
Material: Stainless steel
Power: 1600W
Dimension(L*W*H): 2750*900*1150mm
Warranty: 1 Year, 1 year
Weight (KG): 250 kg
Product name: Ultralsoic Anilox roller cleaning
Application: Anilox Roller Cleaning
Main working principle: Utralsonic
Certification: Provided
Voltage: customized
Dimension: 2750*900*1150
Max available length: 2000mm
Max Load: 250kg
Informations de base
Place of Origin: Shaanxi
Nom de marque: HighYan
Certification: Provided
Conditions de paiement et expédition
Packaging Details: Film and wooden case
Supply Ability: 10 Set/Sets per Month
Description de produit
Why Choose HY Washer
Reliable flexo printing roller ultrasonic cleaning machine for hard chrome corrugated roller
It is a modern and advanced cleaning process to use ultrasonic to clean Anilox Roller of Printing Machine parts. The mechanism is to use a transducer to convert super-audio electrical signals into high-frequency mechanical vibrations and transmit them to the cleaning solvent. When high-power ultrasonic waves propagate in the solvent, the molecules of the solvent are strongly stirred and vibrated, resulting in the continuous formation and explosion of countless small bubbles. Under the action of ultrasonic waves, these tiny bubbles suddenly form and suddenly form and burst. The strong impact force from the explosion to make dirt ,oil stains or the oil strain on the surface or the gaps of the work piece quickly peel off ,achieving the purpose of cleaning the work piece.
Three main components: 1.High-power transistor ultrasonic generator,consisting of transistors ,so as to outputing high-power ultrasonic signal. 2.Pneumatic transducer Using a combination of piezoelectric chip ceramics, its role is to convert super audio energy into mechanical energy, and transfer it to the solvent. 3.Cleaning tank A cleaning solution containing solvent made of high-quality stainless steel plate.

1.Set the Cleaning time control 2.Put the Plate or Roller on the shelf 3.Start the solvent cycle system 4.Cleaning equipment 5.Water flushing equipment 6.Air drying equipment

Security: Alarming for the lowest water line ±1°accurate temperature control system Rotation safe control Reminder for opening the lid

Auto control
Detail of HY-RJ2000
Material of Tank
AISI 304
Max Sleeve or Roller working space
Max length of Sleeve of Roller
Max Weight of Sleeve of Roller
Cleaning quantity each time
less than 3pieces
Solvent Capacity
Control System
Micro computer system controls with error reminding and error alarming
Power of Ultrasonic
Power of Transistor
Power of rotation
Cleaning agent
 water based or solvent type
Power of heating
400V /50/60Hz or  6bar compressed air and  tap water

Error,Repair and Maintenance

a.Error occurs Normally , the ultrasonic generator and piezoelectric transducer will become more stable and reliable as the use time increases. However, if the voltage fluctuates too much and the generator has poor ventilation and heat dissipation, it will cause the transistor to overheat or break down, reducing the effect or the machine malfunctioning. b.Repair If the ultrasonic vibration suddenly turns into slight during use, it may be due to the breakdown of the transistor or the damage of the parts on the circuit board, so stop using it immediately. Transducer leakage, short circuit, rupture, U-turn, please notify our factory to send personnel to repair or send it back to our factory for repair as soon as possible. c.Maintenance Regularly check whether the electrical part of the machine is in good contact. Regularly eliminate the ash and dirt in the ultrasonic generator and the ventilation dust net. Clean the bottom of the tank regularly to keep the solvent clean.
Company Profile
Xi'an Highyan Machinery Co., Ltd. is Try our efforts to help the small and medium-sized enterprises avoiding investment waste,reducing equipment investment costs and daily operating costs,enables printing wastewater and waste liquid to be reduced massively and let water-based inks achieve complete zero discharge and recycling water reuse. The sustainable development of safety, environmental protection and ecology has become the mission and responsibility that must be undertaken in the printing industry in current .Through in-depth research and understanding of the printing market, since 2014, Highyan has invested in R&D and production of environmental protection and artificial intelligent equipment that are suitable for the printing industry, and has successively launched a series of wastewater treatment equipment, accessories cleaning and waste Solvent recovery devices,which providing intelligent solutions for printing industry.
1.Do you have a factory? -Yes,we do have a factory with a strong team, and our products have got good reputation in the past few years. 2.Where is your factory located? How can I visit there? -Our factory is located in Xi'an Shaanxi China,which is a city with rich history,you are warmly welcomed to visit us,our driver will pick you up at the airport. 3.What equipment can you supply? -We are maunufacturing cleaner,effluent treatment machine,and the related parts around it. You can let us konw your specific requirement, and we'll offer you the proper machine accordingly. 4.How can I check the equipment before make an order? -You can get the details through the file,video, and also visit to our site to check how it works clearly . 5.How about the after service? -We can arrange engineers to service overseas,and also the engineers can help you solve the minor problem by phone,video,as well as any other way . 6.Why choose HighYan Machinery? -We are one of leaders in this field(in China). Our high-quality products and service enabled us to expand our market from china to more than 60 countries. 7.I need a quotation/how much is your price? -Let us konw your requirement,and you will get a most-effective price. 8.What's your delivery time? -Usually finish the production within 30 days after we confirm to receive the 30% advanced payment.Actually need to check according to our stock & production plan. 9.How long is your machine's warranty period? -All the machines have one-year guarantee, starting from finished installation,don't worry,we will send you extra damageable parts for saving your cost. 10.How would we do if the parts broken within warranty? -We would express the free replacement parts within the warranty date.
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