Factory Tangshan Laizhang Low Price Sales JP-1050 Automatic Die Cutting Machine

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Factory Tangshan Laizhang Low Price Sales JP-1050 Automatic Die Cutting Machine
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Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Printing Shops
Showroom Location: Egypt, Turkey, Germany, Viet Nam, Spain, Chile
Condition: New
Type: Die cutting machine
Computerized: Yes
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Nom de marque: LAIZHANG
Voltage: 380v
Dimension(L*W*H): 1750mm*3900mm*2150mm
Weight: 14 kg
Warranty: 1 Year
Production Capacity: 8000sheets/h
Key Selling Points: Automatic
Max. workable width: 750mm
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Marketing Type: New Product 2020
Warranty of core components: 1 Year
Core Components: Motor, Pump, PLC
PLC Brand: Schneider
After Warranty Service: Video technical support, Online support
Local Service Location: Egypt, Turkey, India, Spain, Malaysia
After-sales Service Provided: Video technical support, Online support
Certification: CE
Informations de base
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Nom de marque: LAIZHANG, Schneider
Certification: CE
Conditions de paiement et expédition
Packaging Details: iron pallets,or according to customer request.
Supply Ability: 1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Description de produit
Products Description
One.Product name:Automatic Die Cutting Machine Model:JP-1050 Main parameter
Max. paper size
Min. paper size
Max.die cutting Size
Paper thickness
Corrugated board: ≤4mm
Max.working pressure
Total power
Total weight
Overall dimensions
Two.Introduction JP-1050 automatic die cutting machine is key equipment apply to die cutting,creasing,and cold embossing for cartons,paper boxes and paper labels,etc. The machine adopts high speed feeder, swing integral front lay,side lay,high precision intermittent mechanism, pneumatic lock plate, air suspension suction steel plate, pneumatic clutch, overload protection, electric paper delivery,realize continuous paper feeding and paper delivery without stopping.The machine has the advantages of smooth feeding, precise positioning, stable die cutting and paper delivery orderly. The whole process automation of the whole machine is realized by microcomputer control,display the working status and troubleshooting methods through the man-machine interface.Electronic control system, key components and bearings, fasteners are imported and carefully assembled to ensure the safety and reliability of the machine. A number of sensors and safety devices, to ensure the normal operation of the machine and personal safety.The safety performance of the whole machine conforms to CE safety certification standard. According to the customer's demand, we can provide heightening models to improve the production efficiency.The heightening dimension is 300mm. Three.Components and characteristics 1.Feeding unit:Pre-feeding,feeder and vice feeding device. Pre-feeding:The operator can put the paper to be processed on the pre-feeding trolley in advance.When the vice feeding reminding system reminds to replace paper pile, push the pre-feeding trolley to the feeding table,after positioning, replace the vice feeding to work, can achieve the replacement of paper pile without interruption production, so that the main deputy paper to join time and effort,make the connection between the main and vice feeding saving time and effort. Feeder device:Suitable for a variety of paper, high speed, stable, easy to adjust.Reliable paper sorting device,4-9 suction nozzles make it smoother and more accurate at high speed.Each unit gas volume adjusts separately,easy to operate. With a unique patent technology of the double sheet detection device extended to outside of the machine, digital display overall adjustment. 2.Transport unit:Transport table,front lay,side lay. Transport table:Stainless steel paper transport plate can effectively eliminate some static electricity.Because when the paper is thin, will cause the front lay paper edge and side lay paper edge crimp, and affect die-cutting precision,so adopt variable speed transport paper(optional).After paper through front lay, meet buffer device, speed gradually reduced, paper impact small, high positioning accuracy.Can also achieve speed increased, to improve the capacity of corrugated paper, so as to improve the die cutting speed and precision. Front lay:Adopt swing front lay, the front edge of paper and front lay contact surface are the whole paper edge, so the impact on front edge of paper is greatly reduced, high positioning accuracy. Side lay:Specially designed side lay, integrates push and pull,it just needs to be adjusted according to different products,do not need to replace spare parts, can achieve push-pull interchange;Paper shift, accurate positioning. 3.Die cutting,stripping unit:Gripper bar,die cutting plate frame, die cutting steel plate, transmission device, host bottom platform, moving platform and upper platform, intermittent mechanism, pneumatic clutch brake. Gripper bar:The gripper bar adopts high-strength durum aluminum alloy, with good rigidity, light material, small inertia and high strength,can transfer paper accurately and smoothly at high speed.Unique gripper bar positioning and CAM movement curve, low noise, high accuracy and lasting.
Die cutting plate frame:Adopt double layer reinforcement and heightening  die cutting plate frame (same type as Bobst),ensure that the overall frame has enough rigidity. And adopt pneumatic lock, using rolling bearing guide, high safety, easy to operate.Adopt hard aluminum alloy moving plate, die-cutting plate has lifting plate or clamping plate two clamping ways, easy to use.Make the template positioning accurate, firm, and reusable, can effectively prevent die - cutting plate sagging and off. Die cutting plate:It is made of 65Mn steel plate through special heat treatment, with good flatness, high hardness and long service life.The humanized air cushion pumping plate system makes the steel plate push in and pull out, saving time and energy, convenient and fast. Transmission device: New transmission design, realize high speed and accurate die-cutting,main driving adopts worm gear and crankshaft connecting rod with special design,adopt bearing bush to connect, reduce the movement gap,Avoid the impact of worm gear and worm, smooth operation, large die-cutting pressure, and high pressure protection function. Main machine bottom platform, moving platform and upper platform:The key parts are made of high strength nodular cast iron resin sand with high tensile strength and good toughness. Intermittent mechanism: Adopt high precision parallel three-element CAM indexing mechanism, the CAM curve is specially designed, the running angle is large, making the operation of gripper bar more stable. Pneumatic clutch brake: Through adjusting the air pressure to control the transmission of torque, low noise, good braking performance.When the machine overloads, automatic shutdown protection to avoid the occurrence of accidents. 4.Delivery unit:Automatic delivery,non-stop vice delivery,non-stop sampling device. The paper delivery brush is not stopped and the pressure is adjusted according to the machine speed to make the paper delivery orderly.According to paper size electrically adjusted back paper.Non-stop vice delivery device,improve efficiency.Non-stop sampling device,can view die-cutting status at any time.When the paper is full, it will alarm automatically to remind the operator to replace the paper collecting table in time. 5.Electric control unit: Motor, PLC and human-machine interface, electric control system, various safety protection devices. Motor: The main motor adopts imported Fuji inverter stepless speed control, saving energy and low noise.The main feeding and delivery motor adopts imported Taiwan electromagnetic braking motor with high safety performance, long service life and low running noise. PLC and man-machine interface: Digital display of the machine's working speed and state, the application of frequency converter to control the main motor, stepless speed regulation running smoothly.Man-machine interface display system can display various working conditions in real time, fault location and put forward solutions. Electronic control system: Microcomputer control is used to realize the automatic control and real-time detection of the feeding, transmission, die-cutting and delivery processes. All kinds of safety protection devices: When the fault alarm sound, and automatic shutdown, truly ensure man-machine safety.The safety performance of the whole machine conforms to CE safety certification standard. 6.Lubrication system: Forced lubrication system and timing lubrication system.
Forced lubrication system:The main drive in the crankcase adopts pressure oil (oil pressure 0.3-0.5mpa) seamless copper tube for oil transfer and forced lubrication,instead of the traditional splash and drop lubrication and hose oil supply,the defects of oil-free swing rod and swing shaft caused by the aging of oil hose and the rupture of oil pipe caused by long-term swing are completely eradicated.And the oil pressure and flow adjustment is convenient, to ensure the main drive internal oil supply normal, no oil automatic stop. The crankcase adopts a newly designed ventilation and filtration ventilation system,separate air intake and exhaust without interference,and the exhaust toward delivery unit, to ensure that the gas in the tank to maintain normal pressure and reduce the oil temperature,effectively prevent dust and paper inhalation, ensure clean oil, improve the durability of the heart unit. Timing lubrication system:Connected with the programmable controller of main machine, so as to realize the automatic control of lubrication function.The machine can be lubricated at fixed time and fixed quantity for each lubrication point to avoid the machine wear due to the failure of manual lubrication.Timing lubrication system not only reduces machine noise, ensures machine stability and improves the service life of machine. When the machine leaves factory, it is equipped with an additional set of adjustable die-cutting plate frame, a piece of die-cutting steel plate, a piece of gripper bar, and some wearing parts. Jp-1050 die-cutting and stripping machine adopts the whole assembly and transportation, the machine is ready for production after one day being in place, shorten the installation and debugging time, and improve the work efficiency. Our company adheres to the business philosophy of "people-oriented" and the enterprise spirit of "truth-seeking and innovation-oriented",to provide customers with quality products, reasonable prices, timely delivery, good service.Always with the belief that "customer demand is our eternal pursuit",Forge ahead with determination, reform and innovation, constantly improve product quality, expand product categories.
Four.Main configuration

Worm gear

With scraping

High frequency quenching

Conditioning, high frequency, grinding

Resin sand casting

Double reinforcement
Steel plate
Shanghai Zhentong
Gripper bar

Hard alloy
Drive chain

Intermittent mechanism
Ternary CAM
Air clutch


Japan Fuji


Japan IDEC

Man-machine interface

Japan IDEC

Main motor
Optional ABB
Feeding,delivery motor



Solenoid valve
China Shanghai


Japan IDEC


Japan IDEC


Japan Fuji

Photoelectric switch

Japan Omron

Travel switch

Japan Omron

Front lay optical fiber sensor

Vacuum pump


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